Wynn Employee Lifeline Fund

During this unprecedented time, we know many employees may be experiencing unexpected hardship, whether it is the sudden illness or death of a loved one from COVID-19, or a loss of financial resources because a spouse is not being paid. Wynn Resorts, Limited expanded pay for all employees during the closure to help alleviate financial hardship, but we know some employees may need more assistance. Wynn Resorts has expanded coverage on the existing Wynn Employee Lifeline Fund to better assist employees who have found themselves in unexpected financial crisis.


If employees wish to donate to the Wynn Lifeline Fund, donations will be matched up to $75,000 per employee through the corporate matching gifts program.



Virtual Volunteerism

Virtual volunteerism offers a convenient, flexible way for employees to give back to our community and beyond without traveling to and from work or home! This approach to volunteerism harnesses technology and has led to innovative models for helping communities and individuals. Volunteers can share their personal talents, professional skills, experience and education with those in need while practicing social distancing. There are many virtual volunteer opportunities, and the range of services organizations provide continues to grow. 

As part of the Virtual Volunteerism program, employees can also participate in Micro Volunteering. Micro Volunteering allows anyone, anywhere, the opportunity to participate with or without a computer and are generally tasks that require just a few minutes or a few hours. In addition, Good Samaritans of all types demonstrate to our city that volunteers can still make a difference from home!

Dollars for Doers Program

Beginning June 1, 2019, Wynn Resorts, Ltd. announced that they will allow employees to volunteer at eligible nonprofit organizations which are then qualified for a cash grant based on the number of personal hours volunteered. 

An employee or employee group must log 25 personal volunteer hours with an eligible nonprofit at non-Wynn organized volunteer events in order for the nonprofit to be qualified for a $250 cash grant. Employee may log hours retro-actively from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024 for 2024 volunteerism. Volunteer hours will be jointly verified by the Wynn Employee Foundation and verified by the nonprofit. Each 25-hour increment of personal volunteer time must be logged with the same eligible nonprofit in order to qualify for the $250 cash grant.

Employees are eligible to request Doer Dollars up to four (4) times per year in the amount of $250, for up to four (4) different eligible nonprofits. Each employee and/or employee group is eligible to request up to $1,000 in Dollars for Doers grants if they complete 100 hours of personal volunteer time with an eligible nonprofit.

Questions? Please review the complete program policy or contact Community Relations Assistant Director, Kiely Patent, at (702) 770-7631.

Wynn Resorts Foundation Employee Scholarship Program

Wynn Resorts is committed to team members’ individual development, and is furthering its efforts through an employee scholarship program launched in 2018. The Foundation awards up to 15 scholarships per academic year to Wynn employees or dependents of employees. Scholarship recipients are awarded up to $7,500 per academic year. Scholarships are awarded up to a maximum of four academic years.

Applications are reviewed by the Employee Advisory Council, a committee comprised of 18 Wynn Resorts employees across various departments and position types ranging from line level to property executives. Final scholarship award selections are made by an Independent Selection Committee representative of a wide range of industries and organizations.

The Scholarship application is currently closed, but will reopen April 2024. To access the application, please click the below "Scholarship Information," button.

Wynn Resorts Matching Gifts Program

Wynn Resorts encourages employees to participate in the Wynn Resorts Foundation, a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and wants to increase the impact of generosity through the Corporate Matching Gifts Program.

The Wynn Resorts Foundation offers over 200 eligible matching organizations that have been vetted by Wynn Resorts Global Compliance Office. To be considered eligible for a match, organizations must be recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3), be an educational institution and/or benefit the residents in the communities in which Wynn has a local presence.

Volunteer Initiatives


The Wynn Resorts Foundation is committed to providing opportunities for Wynn Resorts employees to be involved in our community. In 2019, the company offered more than 400 volunteer opportunities for employees to get involved.

Have volunteer activities that you think our employees may be interested in? Contact

 to connect with the Community Relations team.