Wynn Resorts is committed to giving time, funding, and energy where it helps the most – at home. Together, our company and our employees have the ability to create positive, transformative impact in the communities in which we operate.



Environmental Preservation

Making investments to ensure the environment is preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Supporting our Community Programs

Helping individuals and groups facing financial hardship and instability.

Neighborhood and Community Development

Priority given to organizations and projects that elevate the community and make the community a better place to live and work.



Support for the Arts

Passion for investing in local organizations that provide access to the arts.

Support for Cultural Events

Contributing to engaging experiences that give families the opportunity to participate in entertainment and celebrate the various cultures that make up our community.

Engaged Citizenship

Providing opportunities for our employees and all residents to be a part of the political process and involved in solving issues that face our community.



Innovation in Education

Strong support for cultivating new ideas to engage and educate the youth in our community.

Workforce Preparedness

Encouraging youth to invest in their future and be aware of the diverse career opportunities offered in their communities.

At-Risk Youth

Providing opportunities for learning and engagement for children in vulnerable economic and family situations.