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Costume & Wardrobe "Sew Off" Their Talents

by Kimberly Perera

Sixteen members of the Le Reve Costume Construction and Wardrobe Departments have been using their sewing skills to make nearly 2,000 comfort masks that have been donated throughout the city as well as outside of Nevada. From healthcare workers, hospitals, nursing homes, and shelters to law enforcement, military personnel, the Governor’s office, as well as their friends and families.

This talented team has been supporting each other by sharing not only fabric but resources on where to purchase supplies as well as information as to who needs masks! A special thank you to Afton Garrett, Amanda Mynhardt, Amanda Williams, Beth Marie Hansen, Diane Vanderslice, Elsa Gallegos, Laura Nate, Maria Arceo, Marion Quiroga, Nicole Wetzel, Olga Gutierrez, Tisha Tinsman, Tracy Gray, Vicki Isola, Victoria Pupa, and Zhaojun Wang, as well as Sharon Todaro, for lending your talents to help our community and beyond!