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From Mixology & Brews to a Volunteer Meal Crew

by Kimberly Perera

Wynn Bartender, Sarah Wittstock started a meal train for frontline volunteers. Since starting the meal train on March 27th, she has recruited 50+ people to participate including Costa di Mare Executive Chef, Mark LoRusso. On average, between 15-20 volunteers are fed each day through Sarah’s efforts!


She also recently found out about a company in Henderson called Polar Shades who halted production on their solar shade coverings so that they could provide PPE’s for local hospitals, medical centers, & first responders. Wanting to help, but knowing they had a much larger group of people to feed, Sarah reached out to Hot Dog on a Stick and other companies to participate. Companies such as Smith’s, Beach Café, Skinny Fats, Lazy Dogs, Chick-Fil-A, to name a few, have jumped on board to provide meals. She now spends most of her days reaching out to companies and other food establishments looking for ways people can help our volunteers on the frontlines as well as first responders.


Sarah’s inspiration to set up the meal train stemmed from when she had signed up to volunteer using the meal train website to provide a meal for a fellow Route 91 survivor she had met in a support group online after both survived the mass shooting.