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High Heels, Makeup, Balloons Oh My!

by Ariel Spicer

Tisha Tinsman is a Makeup Technician for Le Rêve – The Dream, an aquatics theatrical show that has been voted by Southern Nevada Hotel Concierge Association as the “Best Production Show” in Las Vegas for a record-breaking nine consecutive years.  Highlights of the show include a death-defying 80-foot dive, along with a breathtaking appearance of synchronized swimmers wearing red high heels.

Tisha is the makeup technician for Le Rêve; she is a skilled artist that has many hidden talents. One such talent is her ability to manipulate and transform balloons into works of art! While under the stay-at-home orders for Nevada, Tisha decided to funnel her creative talents into spreading joy in her neighborhood by decorating the outside of her home with balloons! The display featured encouraging messages such as Stay Home, Be Positive, Be Kind and Be Safe.

Tisha was inspired to decorate the outside of her home by a movement called “One Million Bubbles of Hope”; information on this movement can be found at This movement reached hundreds of balloon artists from all over the world who decorated their homes and front yards to spread joy and positivity to their neighbors.

Tisha’s participated in the movement on April 11th and 12th, displaying her balloon creations on the outside of her home to spread happiness and encouragement throughout her community.