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Inspiring Children Foundation

by Janelle Davis

The Inspiring Children’s Foundation does more than just offer a holistic approach of physical, emotional and mental health to youth in underserved communities, they also revolutionize education by providing an ideal model of youth development – as is stated in their mission statement.  The children in their foundation are armed with a “psychology for life” that helps them generate their own peace of mind and contentment as self-actualized leaders.

The Inspiring Children’s Foundation has helped transform lives by creating a community of care where the ecosystem and children heal each other, sharing openly in meaningful conversations.  These young leaders have been so academically, athletically and personally developed that 95% of members have been offered scholarships and admissions into colleges such as Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Naval Academy and more.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, The Inspiring Children’s Foundation, along with singer-songwriter and long-time mental health advocate Jewel, began offering free online mental health tools to help combat the anxiety, depression and isolation that quarantine life often brings.  The goal of the online community was to inspire connection, health, wellness and joy in one’s everyday life.

Serving her community for 18 years, Jewel was inspired by her own Foundation youth to raise awareness and funds for mental health, offering free online mindfulness tools to help people thrive at her website 

Jewel also created a free weekly show on Twitch titled “Live from San Quarantine”, an online concert and conversation that incorporates mental health and music to inspire healing.  Special guests have included mental health experts from Harvard, Brown and NASA, fitness experts and musicians such as Brad Paisley, Brynn Elliott and Franke Grande.

Using their social emotional learning curriculum, The Inspiring Children’s Foundation created the INSPIRE HOUSE community on Twitch ( which had over 1 million visits in its first four weeks.  This online site features daily programming including live music, yoga, meditation, leadership talks and meaningful conversations about physical, emotional and mental health.

Responding to the drastic increases in calls to crisis and suicide prevention hotlines during the quarantine, The Inspiring Children’s Foundation also started their own live streams in which Foundation youth and staff engage with viewers to provide them support.

Finally, The Inspiring Children’s Foundation, in an effort to ensure their youth have a sense of connection and community, send out a free weekly newsletter called INSPIRE WEEKLY offering inspirational, uplifting and educational content.  INSPIRE WEEKLY includes a wide range of insightful articles, meditations, mindfulness exercises, videos and podcasts all aimed at the same goal – to keep their youth physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. 

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