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Motorcycle Mask Queen

by Janelle Davis

Laurinda Sermons, Assistant Manager of Housekeeping at Encore, had inspiration from her children to begin her journey making masks for the community.  One day after her kids came home from school they asked Laurinda if she would make masks for the lunch ladies at their school as they were wearing rags and paper towels around their face. 

Laurinda quickly stepped into action, asking her grandmother for some fabric.  Once she was done with her first set of masks, she began to realize that there were so many people all over the community who were in need of masks.  So she began sewing, making masks for her co-workers at Wynn and Encore, for Target employees and for the people at her children’s day care.  Laurinda’s mother, who is a manager at Kroger’s, even recruited her daughter to make masks for some of her employees. 

But Laurinda didn’t stop there – she thought about all the people who are less fortunate than her who need masks.  She has since made masks for senior homes, construction workers, small businesses, even a random guy she saw on the street!

Laurinda is truly thankful to Wynn for providing her financial security during this time and couldn’t think of a better way to pay it forward. 

The coolest part of Laurinda’s story?  She delivers her masks on a motorcycle! 

Thank you Laurinda for all you are doing, you are an inspiration to Wynn and your community.