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The Shade Tree

by Kiely Patent

The second quarter of 2019 marked the completion of The Shade Tree Revitalization Partnership. Wynn engineers, accompanied by the Wynn Design and Development team successfully completed enhancements to the 3rd floor living space as well as the restrooms, nursing room, security officer booths and exterior security panels. Additional improvements included renovation of the first floor common area, kitchen redesign and renovation, new client entrance, installation of a new playground, renovation of the IT room and the basement. Over 170 business vendors collaborated on this initiative, valuing the final renovation over $2.5M. Throughout this project, Wynn Las Vegas alone provided 2,717 hours of pro bono services to The Shade Tree in the areas of food safety, security, engineering and marketing – amounting to more than $295,000 in value – and $250,000 in overall construction costs.